The U.S. Constitution Reader

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The U.S. Constitution Reader

Student Edition
Chuck Stetson presents the history of the U.S. Constitution and its content in a readable and understandable way. In a historical approach, he presents the Constitution in the context in which it was written. In Part I, he focuses on two important documents—the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation—and shows how they influenced the content of the Constitution. In Part II, the emphasis is on the development of the Constitution. By incorporating examples from the Federalist Papers and writings of the founding fathers, he presents issues that were discussed in the process of adoption by the states. This allows students/readers to understand the “thoughts of the day.” The reader concludes with a discussion of the Bill of Rights. One of the strengths of this work is that there are many of the original documents or excerpts from documents included for easy access. The book is designed to supplement an adopted textbook, but also provides relevant, research-based content. These documents can be used to develop units to meet the criteria of Constitution Day (Citizenship Day), which was instituted by Congress in 2004. There is enough flexibility within the content to develop units of several weeks, if needed. The Reader is available in both digital and print versions. Additional information may be found at

Print ISBN: 978-1-943908-00-4
Digital ISBN: 978-1-943908-02-8

Teacher Instructional Guide
To assist teachers with planning their teaching, the Teacher Instructional Guide of The U.S. Constitution Reader gives specific suggestions for instruction. Activities are presented to help the teacher develop daily or weekly lesson plans. Instructional suggestions are designed to use a variety of strategies: lecture, discussion, group work, individual assignments, Internet research, and projects. The purpose of the activities is to have students learn and apply the content. Additional information may be found at

Print ISBN: 978-1-943908-01-1
Digital ISBN: 978-1-943908-03-5

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