The Hebrew Bible

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The Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible and Its Influence is a three-credit online course for college credit that guides students in exploring the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and its influence on modern western cultural mores and practice. Upper level high school students and undergraduate college students are welcome to enroll. Major studies report that educators at both high school and university levels regard the Bible as key to a good education.

Through a study of the Hebrew Scriptures, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Bible genres as well as the influence the Bible has had on modern culture in architecture, art, drama, history, literature, music, and politics, better equipping you for college studies and for informed citizenship. This online course uses a variety of different media (texts, videos, audio, art, literature) in order to provide dynamic learning opportunities for students with varied backgrounds. No prior study of the Bible or advanced writing training is required for the successful completion of this course. As with other courses, students come with different histories and backgrounds. And they learn from each other’s paradigms and experiences. You will too!

Course goals:

  1. Identify important events, persons, symbols, and motifs of the Hebrew Bible.
  2. Recognize characteristics of Hebrew language and literature.
  3. Discover major themes and genres of the Hebrew Bible.
  4. Assess the influence of the Hebrew Bible on Western culture.
  5. Compare Jewish, Christian and Moslem interpretations of Hebrew Bible narratives.
  6. Examine the significant role Abraham plays in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  7. Evaluate biblical allusions.
  8. Distinguish the characteristics and values reflected in biblical heroes.
  9. Gain scholarly insights through studying the Hebrew Bible text and related reference materials.
  10. Communicate Hebrew Bible concepts clearly, effectively, and imaginatively through a variety of media.

For graduate students, Concordia University offers a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in Bible Literacy. It focuses on the study of Biblical concepts and allusions in Western literature, fine arts, and performing arts, and helps educators be agents of positive change through the rigorous teaching of Bible literacy in their schools and communities. Visit Concordia’s site for more information, or email Lori Sanchez, M.Ed. Director.