The Bible Down Under

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The Bible Down Under

Meredeth Lake has developed an interesting approach to the historical significance of the Bible in Australia and how its teachings have influenced both political and social institutions. It is written in a historical approach that starts all the way to the beginning of civilization and culminates with how it defines modern Australia.

In the first unit, Colonial Foundation, the author links the influence of the Bible to social, legal, political, and religious actions. While doing this, she integrates this influence to well-known Australian figures. She seems to make the content relevant to major groups of people. The second unit, Society and Institutions, additional social and political influences are discussed. In addition, there is specific reference to the influence on charities within the country. In the third section, Defining modern Australia, Meredeth uses “known” people to discuss the influence of the Bible on the culture (art, music, visual arts, etc.). She addresses the influence of modern science on Bible content and how even those who do not “believe” the Bible is inspired acknowledge teachings of Jesus as “good practice”. She also makes a “forecast” for the future-changes may alter the country, but the Bible will be a reference point”.

ISBN: 978-1-943908-13-4


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