The Bible and Its Influence

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The Bible and Its Influence

Based on research studies, Essentials in Education determined that regardless of a person’s stance on matters of religion, an educated person needs to know about the Bible. The content of the Bible has had a tremendous influence on people and cultures throughout the world. Its subject matter permeates great works of literature, music, and art; it provides a foundation for history, law, and politics. The Bible and Its Influence was developed to teach the content of the Bible in public schools and colleges. To ensure that the material is presented in an objective and academic way, the authors worked with the First Amendment Center and forty contributors of various backgrounds to create the lessons. The result was a book that is compliant with the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings.

The teacher’s edition provides instructional tools and strategies to ensure a rigorous academic program for students. The teacher’s edition includes a wrap-around design of instructional notes, critical thinking activities, and connections and applications to other academic content areas. Teacher materials also include Pacing Guides, Lesson Plans, Graphic Organizers, Chapter and Unit Tests, and Unit Project and Writing Activities with rubrics.)

Together these books provide the tools for a successful Bible course.

Student Edition
Second Edition

This 360-page textbook is an opportunity to become more informed about the Bible. It is not a devotional study, nor does it promote a religion or the practice of religion. Students will tour the whole Bible to see how it is written and when, including the different kinds of writing that comprise the Bible.

The Bible has been and still is one of the most influential books ever published shaping literature, art, music, culture, public policy, and public debate for centuries. Biblical allusions are found in great literature and in the daily news.

The Student Edition text comes alive with hundreds of beautiful photos of art, maps, and portraits. ‘Critical Thinking’ sidebars ask questions that have students dive into analysis and application. ‘Cultural Connections’ brings the material into today’s setting. Students find the ‘Glossary’ especially helpful.

The Student Edition has 12 Units with individual chapters.
1. Genesis
2. Exodus and the Land of Promise
3. Kingdom and Exile
4. The Prophets
5. Writings and Wisdom
6. Narratives of Commitment
7. Another Covenant
8. The Four Gospels
9. The Early Christian Community
10. The Letters of Paul
11. Other Letters
12. Revelation

It meets the legal requirements for academically teaching the content of the Bible in American public schools. More than 140,000 students in 640 schools in 44 states have used it. The book is designed for a full-year elective course, but may be used to teach a semester course within English/Language Arts or Social Studies.

Print ISBN: 978-0-9770302-7-9
Digital ISBN: 978-1-943908-11-0

Student Edition – Audio
Here is a word-for-word recording of the written Student Edition. (See information above for product details.) Divided into 38 chapters of the 12 units, students can pause, rewind, and play as often as they wish on their own device. Professionally recorded, audio learning can be the preferred method to understand this important material.

Audio ISBN: 978-1-943908-17-2

Teacher’s Edition
Second Edition

This text is an invaluable part of teaching The Bible and Its Influence course and supports individual, small group, and classroom instruction. It complements the Student Edition textbook. The Teacher’s Edition was designed by teachers to be comprehensive yet very easy to use.

The Teacher’s Edition assists teachers in planning, instruction, and assessment of the course with:
1. Detailed unit and chapter lesson plans within a wrap-around text design. This provides ideas for instruction for every page in the text. It also includes cross-curricular connections to various academic disciplines, critical thinking applications, and points for additional research or discussion.
2. A CD containing Blackline Masters of student activities and projects, a pacing guide, graphic organizers, chapter and unit tests, unit biographies, unit project activities and unit writing activities.

Print ISBN: 978-0-9770302-8-6
Digital ISBN: 978-1-943908-12-7


Test Master
Digital ISBN: 978-0-9770302-9-3