The Better Hour: The Legacy of William Wilberforce

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The Better Hour: The Legacy of William Wilberforce

This one-hour documentary, which was broadcast on PBS, focuses on the heroic efforts of William Wilberforce, a British MP (Member of Parliament) in the 19th century.

Wilberforce achieved his life objectives, written on October 28, 1787: “The suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.” Wilberforce accomplished the end of the slave trade in 1833. Wilberforce also played a leading role in reforming Great Britain, which had become decadent and debauched, thus making the country much more civilized and a better place to live.

The documentary tells the story of how William Wilberforce, despite great obstacles put before him, used his position and influence to achieve these two great objectives for the people of Great Britain.

ISBN: 978-1-943908-14-1


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