Constitution Day 2015

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Constitution Day 2015

Sustaining our Freedom – Launching a campaign for Constitutional literacy expanded on the prior year’s theme with some specific ideas of increasing understanding of the Constitution. Twenty organizations came together to form the National Constitutional Literacy Campaign. The group works to raise the awareness of the U.S. Constitution, and the articles reflect this theme. The Joe Foss Institute provided a particularly interesting article on its initiative to pass legislation in all 50 states that requires high school students to pass the test given to immigrants who become naturalized citizens. In the first year, nine states passed the legislation—Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. In the following 9 months, an additional six states passed the legislation.

The National Constitutional Literacy Campaign highlighted various competitions around the country that encouraged young people to engage in questions relating to the U.S. Constitution. The group also looked at how the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University is encouraging teacher education on civic literacy.


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