Constitution Day 2014

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Constitution Day 2014

Sustaining our Freedom, the first of the four Special Sections, was printed September 17, 2014—Constitution Day—which was recognized as such by the U.S. Congress in 2004. Constitution Day requires that every school and university receiving federal funds must observe Constitution Day. The goal of the Special Section was to encourage dialogue on the U.S. Constitution, which is the oldest constitution in the world. It begs the question why France has had 17 constitutions and five republics and Thailand is in the process of approving its twentieth.

An effort was made to have articles from both sides of the aisle. The U.S. Constitution is quite remarkable. An article by Ed Meese, former U.S. Attorney General, described religious liberty as the foundation of a free society. Michael Bloomberg, former three-time mayor of New York City, explained how “restricting freedom leads to injustice” and how “universities that silence opinion are trampling the First Amendment.” There were also articles by Judge William Sessions, former director of the FBI under Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, on “justice delayed is justice denied.” Mark Levin described “Reconnecting to the Constitution” and how “the founding document lays out a roadmap to the American dream.” We hope that readers will wish to engage in these important conversations.


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